M-TECH FC series flatbed inkjet cutting plotter is the first flatbed inkjet cutter plotter in the china and also is the most popular sold flatbed inkjet cutter plotter here.

Thanks the best technical support from HP that our cartridges of cutter plotters not sensitive with the dust anymore. It will save you more time for cleaning the cartridges. According to the first class spare parts with best quality material and HAAS CNC’S help that our cutter plotter can plotting with highest speed and cutting with the highest speed with very quick working voice.

It nearly can meet all of your requirement in the daily work. Our cutter plotters already test by 885 busy users in china and al of them happy with our products and service. Never hesitate ad please try our FC flatbed cutter plotter now.

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  • Cartridge and ink level auto inspection.
  • Encoder Strip to ensure the accuracy.
  • Dust-proof cutting structure
  • Easy knife changing and maintenance

New Features:

  • User friendly
  • Panasonic motor system (Option)
  • Imported axis-parts
  • New vacuum system supply continues stable vacuum
  • During the cutting.
  • Cartridge automatic cleaning
  • Best Cutting accuracy and best plotting quality
  • 24 hours non-stop plotting/cutting even at hard working environment
  • 1 machine. 2 functions-both cutting and plotting
Model : FC-MT-1512-2 FC-MT-1509-2
Working with 120cm × 150cm (47 inch  × 57 inch) 90cm × 150cm (38 inch  × 57 inch)
Cartridge quantity : 2
Speed ( Test marker max plotting with) : <12m2/h (300dpi/600dpi)
Cutting speed : Vector 1200mm/s
Ac Power : 110V/220V @50-60HZ
Max Power Consumption : 300W cutter 150W Plotter
Material/ Thickness of cutting : Common paper, craft paper, plotting paper and others
Material Fixing : Vacuum
Approach of Upgrade : Cutting extra thick paper by customized upgrade
Max Plotting Resolution : 600dpi and Economic plotting resolution
Inkjet Technology : HP 51645 or HP 51645B or Compatible
File format accept : HPGL ( Other format we can customize for you)
Pc Interface : USB
Control mode : Control panel is durable and easy to use, Remote control more                         safe
Cleaning of Cartridge : Cleaning by Electronic control
Machine Dimensions (W ×D ×H) : (2320 ×1730×1030mm)
Packing Dimensions (W ×D ×H) :(2450 ×1900×560mm)
Packing Weight : 440Kg
Software Requirements : Windows 7/8, 32/64 Windows 10


Weight 23 kg

Black, Green, Indigo


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