• Flat Inkjet Cutting Plotter Feature:
  • Model: ST-9015FPQ- ST-1215FPQ
  • Max Paper Width: 1220*1520mm
  • Max Plotting width: 1200*1500mm
  • Max cutting width: 1200*1500mm Cartridge Number: 2
  • Max Plotting Speed:120m2 /h
  • Paper Take-up Mode:Single piece of pattern printing or continuous printing without warder
  • Max. Roll paper weight:50KG
  • Plot Paper: 40g-450g
  • Max. Roll paper weight:50KG Plot Paper: 40g-450g
  • Description:
  • Max cutting thickness reach to 2mm
  • Support GERBER, LECTRA and all other garment CAD system.
  • Standard two HP45 cartridges. Reach to the max plotting speed of
  • 120 square meters per Hour. And the max cutting speed of 1200 mm/s. High speed plotting and cutting, stable structure
  • High speed servo control, full closed-loop position. Excellent Quality with CE


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